I have always loved traveling and along my life, I was privileged as having the chance to fulfill my dreams and wishes.

Since 1992, I travel a lot with my dogs as showing them in different EU countries and that is why I decided to share my experiences and impressions, pictures taken along the way.

We start this great adventure with our way to European Dog Show, Geneva, 2013.

We leave early in the night on 26th – 27th August from Craiova, our hometown and hope to manage reach the border around 10:00 a.m.


I have decided to add some details regarding price, expenses and choosing a Mioritic puppy as I read some data from other breeders in Romania asking for a very high price for dogs that are of low and dubious quality proven already in some countries where puppies were sold. Most of the dogs in Germany for example, coming from the same kennel, with poor results due to low quality and non – standard colours, with high health problems, are excluded for breeding – same problems in other countries in EU as well. Dogs sent in USA are most probably with same problem but as long as they are not shown in competitions as Mioritic is not recognized as a breed there, people have no idea about quality of a Mioritic for a show or as a house guardian.

I read with surprise that people are advised to buy, quote:

“- you can buy one from amateurs, very cheap, but well bellow the standard of the breed and far from what a mioritic should be, most of the dogs are not even pure mioritic shepherd (50-150 euros);

– you can buy one from large kennels with tens of litters a year; medium price, medium quality dogs, often with dogs outside the breed wanted standard (300-500 euros);

– you can buy one from small kennels, oriented towards quality not quantity ( 2-3 litters a year ), more expensive than the previous option, but better dogs, bred very carefully to enrich the breed itself(1000 eur)”


I am amazed of the logic the one that posted these data – it reaveals a fact that only his dogs are of a high quality as long as they cost 1000 eur!

The line presented as his consists of serious defects, out of the FCI standard and the fact that he succeeded to grab some results in WDS Budapest 2013 only because there was no competition of high quality and he gathered lobby to win at least once along 19 years of breeding, cannot be a sign of an honorable breeding and breeder.

I wish I could mention this person among real breeders of Mioritic in Romania but unfortunately I cannot – I’d rather mention Conda, Tender Ebony(in spite of common mistakes that any breeders make), de Apuseni or Gotca, Samus Superbus and many others that at least do efforts to stick to the approved standard and always [present high quality dogs ion international shows – and their results speak for this high quality, not in just one competition but so many, both international and national shows.

A lot of foreign people let themselves fooled like this and I see in this many similar elements with Mr. Osiceanu case who did the same, in the name of good intentions with our national breed.

Read the standard before you want to buy a puppy, try to gather as many data about the breeder and the dogs in the kennel, their results along the years, their puppies.

Do not encourage puppy mills with Mioritic of low quality!


I would like to share my experience in breeding Mioritics as along the years I faced quite a lot of situations and I had to cope by myself as nobody was open and honest to do it.

Perhaps there will be a pile of comments and as long as these are constructive, it would be a benefit for this wonderful breed in the end.