CONDA HCODIN, Mioritic Land

Romanian shepherd dogs, strong and rustic : they are for century partners of the Carpathians Mountain shepherds. Their main assignment was and remains to guard and protect the herd or their owners’ property from predators and thieves. Mioritc Shepherd dog is the only dog fighting bears and wolves in the forests, not knowing fear or despair.

Today, Romanian shepherds dogs are appreciated even by the people who live in villages and towns for guarding or pets, because their equilibrate behavior and their devotion to owners.

I’ve been breeding Mioritic for the last 6 years even if I am a Chow Chow breeder for more than 20 years.

Codin came in our kennel last year, being 3 months old – very well proportioned, with a wonderful temper, a very rich coat, with well defined specific marks, grey and white, very tall, in perfect standard characteristics, with an amazing movement mostly in the ring and not only.

He started his competition activity in November 2010 being 9 months old, at 2XCACIB Arad, Romania where he was awarded in both days, by Marius Iliev and Cristian Stefanescu as judges(both high qualified judges for Mioritic):

Ex 1, JCAC, Best Junior, Best Male, BOS

Ex 1, JCAC, Best Junior, Best Male, BEST OF BREED, 3rd place at the Best Romanian Shepherd Dog

Due to his results he became ROMANIA JUNIOR CHAMPION and he was awarded Excellent 1, CACJ, Best Junior, Best Male,
BOB, and Central Eastern European Junior Winner, as well.

In a very short time, the very next two weeks, he became also SEBIA JUNIOR CHAMPION.

I took the decision to entry my Codin for Clubsiergerschau AHHC Bruck/Leitha anlässlich der 80 – Jahr Feier (Austria) as being the only club for shepherd dogs nearby and also because I wanted to present others this beautiful breed so little known in Europe in spite of  all Romania efforts to accomplish full recognition of this national breed.

I congratulate myself for such a decision – I had the chance of meeting other shepherd dog breeders that really didn’t know Mioritic as a breed and less knowing that it is the Romanian national symbol as a dog breed.

Location of the show was an excellent choice and grateful to organizers for the way they were as supportive with us as being for the first time in such a competition.

In the ring Codin was in his world as the ring was large, very appropriate for such breed – a Mioritic will always love large spaces as he loves movement, running.

Perhaps the judging was a bit confusing as not knowing the breed and not having too much experience in judging Mioritic – for sure, not too many Mioritic dog had been judged before by the show judge and as long as the standard is public on FCI web site, it is supposed that it was read in advance.

Codin let a very good impression, people around being curious to find out as many details as possible about this breed and I was proud and happy to offer them, let people take pictures of my Codin.

He was awarded Jungen CACA Clubsiegerschau, Best Junior, BOB (judge : Fr. Ph. Poduschka-Aigner) and for us, it was a great satisfaction both for the fact that others saw and watched Codin in the ring, took notice of his majestic and friendly appearance, and also because it is the first Mioritic winning in a  club show this prize.

We shall come back for sure next year with our Mioritics and hope to bring back home, good results.

In Dortmund, Codin was awarded Excellent 1, Jgd. VDH-Cha., Jgd. CAC, VDH-Europe Junior Winner 2011 and Excellent 1, Jgd. VDH-Cha., Jgd. CAC + Qualifying Award FCI Centenary World Champion of Champions Brussels, 12th November 2011, FCI Centennial Show.

Last results:


Excellent 1, Best Junior, BOB (junior class)


Excellent 1, WORLD JUNIOR WINNER, Best Junior, BOB (junior class)

With these results Codin is now also FRANCE JUNIOR CHAMPION.

Why would you choose a Mioritic?


• Loves all family members and he/she is “melted” after children.

• Quickly understand who friends of the house are.

• Gets along well with all animals in the yard.

• He/She is a beautiful dog and “natural”(in normal proportions).

• He/She can be as a playful cat and an angry bear.

• His/Her rich hair is not too difficult to maintain.

Feel welcome anytime to visit our kennel and meet our Mioritic and we shall always offer you any requested support – dog training seminary, breeding and grooming training, etc – we shall always support those who might intend starting breeding Mioritics.